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SMK provides input on new GlobalG.A.P. requirements for more sustainable cultivation

The GlobalG.A.P Stakeholder Committee “Sustainability in Crops Production” looks into ways of assuring more sustainable cultivation by means of the requirements for Good Agricultural Practice. Strategic recommendations on this subject will be presented during a GlobalG.A.P. conference in October 2014 in Abu Dhabi. SMK (Stichting Milieukeur) is a member of this committee since the start in May 2014.

SMK is keen to share its expertise and experience with GlobalG.A.P. and other stakeholders in order to promote sustainable agro/food production. It is important for Milieukeur certificate holders that “international GlobalG.A.P. requirements for more sustainable crops” will match Milieukeur themes as closely as possible. For instance biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage, crop protection, raw materials and fertilizers. This will allow audits for both labels to be performed at the same time.

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