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Invitation public hearing - On the way to PlanetProof Plant products Southern Europe

Revision process 2019

The On the way to PlanetProof criteria are revised yearly. This year, the revision for the Southern-Europe scheme has been extensive, following the extensive revision in 2017/2018 for the Central-Europe scheme.

The new certification scheme is harmonised as much as possible, with the certification scheme for Central Europe. This has resulted in a.o. the following changes:

  • The structure of the chapters has been changed, including 9 thematical chapters and one chapter with general requirements;
  • There is a new approach towards the use of plant protection products:
  1. The lists of allowed plant protection products per crop are replaced by a system in which all active substances with legal authorization are allowed, except for the high risk active substances that are presented on list I (Annex 2c);
  2. Additionally, there are high risk active substances presented on list II (Annex 2c), that may be used under additional conditions;
  3. The active substance limits (Annex 1) have been changed for some crops.

Public hearing by written input 24th of May - 6th of June

As part of the revision process, SMK will hold a public hearing in which questions can be asked, and feedback can be given on the final proposal for the new certification scheme. The hearing is applicable to all the plant products of On the way to PlanetProof. This is the last possibility for input before the Committee of Experts agro/food Plant Products establishes the criteria.

  • Download here the draft criteria of the certification scheme On the way to PlanetProof Plant Products Southern Europe (the Spanish translation will be published later this week).
  • Download here the summary of the proposed changes.
  • Please use the response form to give your feedback.

Please send your input to SMK at the latest on Thursday the 6th of June 2019.

For any questions you can contact SMK, or +31 (0)70 358 63 00.

SMK Team Plant agri chains:

Stefanie de Kool, Lien Terryn, Els Lindeboom, Jantineke Hofland, John Janssen en Minke van Bentum.

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