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Publication English translation On the way to PlanetProof Plant products 2020

SMK publishes the English translation of the On the way to PlanetProof certification scheme Plants products for the region Central Europe, valid from 1 January 2020.  

On the webpage Certification scheme Plant Products the following updated documents are published:

  • Certification scheme Plant Products Central Europe (EN)
  • General certification conditions SMK
  • Digital checklist
  • Certification scheme with indicated changes  
  • Calculation tool greenhouse gas emission
  • Summary changes revision

Certification based on this scheme is possible in the Netherlands and other Central European countries as defined by the EU classification*. In addition to certification in Central Europe, there is a certification scheme for production in Southern Europe.

Revision process 2019
During the revision process of 2019, challenges and opportunities with regards to the certification scheme were collected, discussed, and used for optimisation of the scheme. The process started in July 2019 and continued until December 2019. Several committees and working groups came together to discuss the experiences from the field and the feasibility of the criteria. The indicated challenges, opportunities and solutions led to proposals for the revised scheme. Improving the sustainability of the cultivation was the starting point for the proposals. The public hearing, during which there was opportunity to react on the draft criteria for 2020, took place on November 14th. The Board of experts agro/ food Plant Products established the final criteria on December 5th.  

Changes compared to 2019
The criteria are adjusted based on last years’ experience, providing solutions for several bottlenecks. The complete list of changes is summarized in the document ‘Summary changes revision’; some important changes are:

  • Energy and climate: development of farm specific norms for greenhouse gas emissions for protected cultivation.
  • Crop protection: update and expansion of lists I, list II, and list green products, low-risk substances based on the assessment of all plant protection products allowed in Central Europe; prevention of farmyard emission; update active substance limits.  
  • Biodiversity and landscape: minimum requirement of 4 bonus points for this theme for the open field cultivation.  
  • Soil fertility: new requirement for prevention of erosion.
  • Water: improvement of the entire chapter (logical order of criteria, improved definitions, criteria more goal oriented, internationally applicable).
  • General criteria: review of the assessment guidelines for certification of trading companies and retail.

More information
SMK Team Plant agri chains: Stefanie de Kool, Els Lindeboom, John Janssen, Jaap Bij de Vaate, Lien Terryn and Minke van Bentum.

* Countries of Central-Europe are: Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom.

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