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Webinar available yearly review On the way to PlanetProof

The On the way to PlanetProof criteria for plant products are reviewed annually. SMK organised webinars in different languages to explain the proposed certification scheme for 2021. The webinars are now available online and contributions can be done online before October 25th. 

Webinars available  
During the consultation period, SMK organised three live webinars: in Dutch, English and Spanish. During the webinars the proposed certification scheme is explained and there was a possibility to ask questions.  

  • The English presentation of the webinar of Friday October 9th can be viewed here
  • The Dutch presentation of the webinar of Thursday October 8th can be viewed here.   

Purpose of the revision 
This years’ review aims to harmonize the central and southern European schemes into a single scheme for the whole of Europe. This makes it clearer what requirements PlanetProof places on growers and makes the required effort of the growers in all countries as equal as possible. In addition, a few bottlenecks have been resolved and the standard has been updated on some points, including the lists of allowed plant protection products. 

Effective date and transition period  
The new standard will be effective from January 1, 2021 

  • The southern European region is subject to a transitional period of 5 months. This means that crops grown in the Southern Europe region can be certified until June 1st 2021 based on the current standard for Southern Europe (PP.2-SE).  
  • The central European is subject to a transitional period of 2 months. This means that crops grown in the Central Europe region can be certified until March 1st 2021 based on the current standard for Central Europe (PP.3) 

Public consultation September 25th – October 25th  
As part of the yearly review, SMK is organising a written public consultation for interested parties to share feedback on the draft certification scheme for 2021 (see link to documents below)The consultation will remain open for contributions until October 25th. This is the last possibility to give input before the Board of Experts agro/food Plant Products establishes the new certification scheme for 2021. 

Give input/ sign up 

  • The draft certification scheme 2021 and explanation of the changes can be found here.
  • Reacting to the proposed changes can be done online through the feedback form before October 25th 

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact SMK (e-mail: / 070 358 63 00). 

Team On the way to PlanetProof Plant Products:
Stefanie de Kool, Els Lindeboom, John Janssen, Jaap bij de Vaate, Lien Terryn and Minke van Bentum  

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