SMK. Partner for Sustainability


For more than 25 years, the Dutch foundation SMK has worked with business organisations to improve the sustainability of products and business management. SMK does this in cooperation with an extensive network of governments, producers, branch organisations, non-governmental organisations, retailers, consultancies, researchers and other stakeholders. The SMK Boards of Experts establish objective criteria for more sustainable production and operations.

SMK’s professional knowledge, careful work processes, audits and certifications are conducted in agreement with EU-norms. Most of SMK's environmental quality labels are under supervision of the Dutch Accreditation Council. Moreover, SMK keeps an extensive database of sustainability criteria. These are unique methods which SMK utilizes to work with organisations which require support on the broad area of sustainability, such as:

  • Developing ambitious and objective sustainability criteria
  • Applying certification and quality labels
  • Creating sustainability policies
  • Developing benchmarks
  • Testing sustainability systems and quality labels 


SMK develops and manages sustainability criteria and labels for:

SMK certifies:

  • EU Ecolabel: The European environmental quality label for sustainable non-food products. As a competent body, the SMK-team certifies products- and services for the EU Ecolabel. Also, it represents the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for the criteria development for the EU Ecolabel in Brussels.

SMK assesses and facilitates:

SMK hosts the ‘Timber Procurement Assessement Committee’  (TPAC), which examines whether certification systems for wood complies to Dutch sourcing criteria for sustainable wood.


SMK Boards of Experts

The SMK Boards of Experts establishes objective criteria for more sustainable production and business management. These Boards are composed of representatives of stakeholders. This broad representation ensures that the different interests are taken into account. There are three SMK Boards of Experts:

SMK Team

The compact SMK-team consists of 21 professionals and supports the three Boards of Experts and TPAC.